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What To Wear in Paris? Instagram Photos Guide.







Paris is a magical city and it would be a sin not to get some nice Instagram photos while you are exploring the city. So what to wear in Paris to make the best out of the photos? Well, there is no one answer to this as all of us have different fashion tastes and love for different styles. However, there are a few things you could wear in Paris no matter what style you love:
– Beret. The beret is a classic french hat and you can choose the colour that suits you and the way to wear it depending on your whole outfit, whether it’s sideways, on top or back.
– Dress. Make sure you include a dress in your suitcase whether it’s an LBD for evening or a powerful occasion dress to make some nice shots by Eiffel Tower.
– Comfy shoes. Make sure you have some comfy shoes while walking around and in between photoshoots. Everything seems so beautiful that you end up walking a lot and the result – extremely sore and tired feet – so at least what you can do is have comfy footwear.
– Something Red. Paris is somehow associated with red colour, maybe because of Moulin Rouge or maybe not, but make sure to include something red in your outfit even if it’s an accessory.
I could mention much more than that but everything depends on the season and your style so if you can include at least these four things, you are sorted!
I visited Paris at the end of August so I packed quite summery outfits. I decided to wear two girlish outfits and one truly Parisian red outfit. I chose an occasion Bariano dress which was pretty powerful and I was really happy with photo results. I also wore a pink tutu skirt and blouse with bubble sleeves. I did ofcourse accessorized it with a pink beret for a Parisian chic look. And lastly, I wore a red dress with a red beret and Chanel handbag. I felt that it was a perfect fit for Paris.
Get the Look:
Bariano Maxi Dress £220
ASOS Red Dress £35
Red Beret £10
Pink Tutu Skirt £28
Organza Sleeve Blouse £18

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