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Vitamins, Minerals and More to Make Your Skin Glow


The use of creams packed full of health-giving properties is long established for skin health – but what about vitamin and mineral rich supplements?

Let’s face it, with all those creams and lotions on the market, we would think that the beauty industry is far from interest in nutritional supplementation. But times change. Informed by scientific opinion, beauty product chiefs have always made their creations full of health-giving vitamins and minerals to rub into your skin. But why they have ignored the fact that skin can also benefit from the things you can put in your body, not just rub into it?
At last beauty experts are talking about how vitamins and minerals can help provide your skin with that radiant, healthful and most important glow you’ve always wanted. So what supplements, vitamins and minerals are the best for your skin?


The major vitamins for healthy skin are:

Vitamin A – essential for maintaining and repairing skin tissue, topical vitamin A’s great for reducing wrinkles, controlling acne and relieving psoriasis. Research made in 2003 showed that vitamin C together with retinol works to reverse skin changes due to both ageing and photoageing.

Vitamin B – biotin (one of the many B-vitamins) is actually part of the basis of skin, nail, and hair cells – so who wouldn’t want to replenish it in the body? Another B- vitamin, niacin, is anti-inflammatory and can help skin to retain its moisture, ensuring complexions look plumper and younger, while a study (presented at 2003’s Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology) suggests a vitamin B topical form can improve the ageing effects on skin

Vitamins C and E – according to The Journal of Investigative Dermatology both vitamins can limit sunburns due to UVB radiation and free radical damage (sunlight, smoke and pollution); that is, wrinkles and skin- ageing.

Vitamin K – according to the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, skin treatments containing this vitamin are capable of significantly reducing bruising following laser surgery.


Like with vitamins, there are many minerals that are great for your skincare. However it’s important to point out that nobody should discount the benefit of reoxygenating your skin tissue topically.

Indeed, when applied facially, Ozonated Olive Oil (available via The Finchley Clinic) can achieve great results – in fact, for a wide variety of things, including complaints like acne, psoriasis, impetigo, ringworm, skin yeast, athlete’s foot and other skin fungi (including thrush), haemorrhoids and bee stings and insect bites. This, of course, shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise because the highly nutrient-rich olive oil has a centuries’ old association with skin maintenance, thanks to all its anti-inflammatory (and many other) properties.

When it comes to minerals beneficial for your skin, these are the best:

Selenium – believed by many experts to help prevent skin cancer, it can help protect skin from sun damage. Selenium that’s taken orally – along with copper – may reduce the formation of sunburn cells

Copper – together with vitamin C and zinc, it aids in the development of elastin, which supports skin structure from beneath its surface and studies assert that copper-rich creams both firm up skin and work to restore its elasticity

Zinc – tends be a crucial ingredient in products that treat acne, zinc then helps limit acne formation and, when applied via cream or consumed in supplement form, aids the clearance of acne from the skin’s surface.

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