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After nearly nine months in maternity clothes I am back to my regular outfits. I did a little shopping and got few staple pieces including ruffle blouse. I still can’t get in most of my clothing because of hips, belly and boobs lol so a lot of new things needed. Well at least till I get back in the same shape as I was before getting pregnant. But is it possible? My hips probably will never get back to same shape and what about boobs? Hmm.. Well enough about my body shape. As you probably noticed this season is everything about details so ruffles are one of the top things. I paired ruffle blouse with my beloved grey culottes. Magically I could get into them, well it was a bit tight but well well what wouldn’t you do for a fashion sake. I had a lovely stroll around the area with my baby and husband. I am still super excited about my boy and every time I think about him I just wanna cry how happy I am to have these two men in my life.
Get the Look:
Ruffle Blouse (sold out, similar) £36
Grey Culotte Trousers (sold out, similar) 30
Black Midi Heeled Shoes £99
Guess Reversible Bag £99

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