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Paris – City of Love

Paris eiffel tower
Paris Louvre
Luxembourg Gardens
Arc de Triomphe
Paris Metro
Paris Restaurant
Paris Appartment
Paris Panorama

Paris. City of love. I always dreamed that one day I will visit Paris and that dream came true.
My fiance gave me an amazing present on my Bday. Trip to Paris. As we arrived I felt in love with the city straight away. These small streets with cozy restaurants. Croissants and cappuccino in the mornings. And not mention all the places of interest: Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Luxembourg Gardens, Notre Dame Cathedral, Arc de Triomphe. My memories are just coming back and I just want to smile. Even we were so tired after visiting all these places, we were happy to be there. We rented a lovely flat to feel the french spirit better. A little tip to look for a flat at We found an amazing flat with high ceilings and french interior. It was a lovely artist’s flat. Everything was perfect in Paris. And guess what I’ve got engaged!!! City of love. Indeed. <3

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