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My Visit at Elan Cafe








Elan Cafe is one of the most instagrammable places in London so as a blogger and instagrammer I couldn’t keep myself from visiting this place. I wanted to visit it for a long time but I just didn’t have a chance. So when my friend from Canterbury decided to visit me, that was it, that was the perfect excuse to leave my mama life to dad and have that pink croissant at Elan’s cafe. I knew that it can get really busy so I wanted to visit it as early as possible. Well for me 9.30am is not that early, opposite to my friend lol. You’ll know what I am talking about when you have kids and they wake you up at 6-7am every morning, then you’ll understand that 9.30am is not early at all :))
Anyway we met at 9.30am and Elan Cafe was pretty full already, but luckily waitress promised us a nice table by the rose wall if we wait outside for 20 mins. And that’s what we did. 10 minutes later the table was ready, yahoo. We had pouch egg with salmon and that famous raspberry croissant. Oh, girl, it was so yummy. The only bad thing is that each table has just 45 minutes. We took few shots and 10 minutes have passed already, so you have to be quick both taking pictures and eating. After we had our brunch at Elan Cafe we ended up in the coffee shop next door. And funny enough two very pretty coffee shops next door were basically empty. And we could see queue getting longer and longer to Elan Cafe as we were enjoying our coffee next door.
I chose pink trousers and satin blouse for my visit, just to match up with Elan Cafe interior.
Get the Look:
Satin Blouse £18
White Coat £59.99
Pink Trousers £25
Bow Nude Shoes £29.50
Karl Lagerfeld Handbag £275

2 thoughts on “My Visit at Elan Cafe”

  1. Hi There, I am planning a girly trip to london in 2 weeks time. Can I ask which Elan you visited as I see there are a few so I’d like to pick the best one. Thank you , Hilary

    1. Vaida says:

      Hi Hilary, this one is near South Kensington, but all of them are amazing x

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