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My Bedtime Routine. 5 Tips to Sleep Better.






We all have our own bedtime routines. It might be strict, it might vary on different days or one might not have a bedtime routine at all. But especially for those who struggle to sleep, I think bedtime routine is a must. Inspired by The White company Sleep collection (that offers the full sleep proposition from bedding to furniture & nightwear) I decided to share my bedtime routine. But just before I wanted to say that bedtime routine is important not just for adults but for the little ones too. I started my baby’s bedtime routine at 3 months old and he is still in the same routine after over a year. He just loves TWC bedding and sleepy bag from a Safer Night collection. Having his and ours bedtime routine makes our life so much easier. But let’s get back to my 5 tips to sleep better.
1. Cut out coffee after 2 pm. If I have drinks with caffeine anytime after 2pm, that’s it, I struggle to sleep at night.
2. Create a sleep sanctuary by choosing the right bedding. It really makes a difference to your sleep. I love The White Company luxury bedding.
3. Turn off technology. Yes, I know it might sound impossible, but just give a try. I was the same, scrolling through IG feed and checking emails just before my sleep, but as soon as I stopped it, I felt so much better. I have some extra time for a book or more cuddles with my husband. Believe me, phone in the bed is not the right thing nor is the tv.
4. Choose the right sleepwear. I usually wear cotton or silk nightwear and wrap up in my favourite The White Company bathrobe and fluffy slippers after showering before sleep. It’s super cozy.
5. Use Sleep Remedies. Light up a Sleep candle and create a little sleep oasis before bed. Try naturally infused sleep remedies like The White Company seven piece collection consisting of a diffuser, pillow mist, hand cream, body cream, bath soak and body oil. . P.S. Don’t forget to put the candle out.
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