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Matching Mum and Son Outfit by OppoSuits







Since the early days of my son’s birth, I was looking for a matching mum and son outfit and I could barely find anything. It’s so unfair that everything is about mum and daughter. I know it’s so much easier just to make the same fabric dress in two different sizes than trying to make two matching outfits for mum and son. But finally, I found super cool matching OppoSuits. These suits can actually be worn by the whole family mum, dad, and son. Sorry girls, this time is about sons, not daughters :). I could hardly keep my excitement when I opened the boxes and saw the suits. The tiny suit for my boy was so cute that I was screaming like a child myself from excitement. And I loved mine too, so sophisticated! I can wear it as a suit or style both pieces skirt and blazer separately. I wanted to get a suit for my husband too but he decided to be a cameraman and not join the mum and son gang lol. But if your other half is up for a suit, you can find him from a classic piece to something really wild. I am looking at another suit for our Christmas party and this time for the whole family. What do you think about Christmas Suits? Oh and don’t forget to use code Fashionaddicted10 to get 10% off.
Get the Look:
OppoSuits Women LumberJackie £54.95
OppoSuits Boys The LumberJack £44.95

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  1. Matching outfits are the cutest tho!

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