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Mama Mio Bloomin Lovely and Sleep Easy Kit








You probably all know that I am a mum of a baby boy (who is 11 months already, can you believe it?) and a fashion and lifestyle blogger. And whoever said that having a baby and freelancing is easy, oh boy they were wrong. Constantly running around the baby, doing housework and blogging is a hard task. But after the first-month spending all day (and night) with the baby I decided to take an hour or two of all my duties and have my own spa at home. Since then Mama Mio Bloomin Lovely Pamper Pack has been my number one set to treat myself. The Set contains 4 amazing products. The Tummy Rub Butter helps to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, keep skin healthy and nourished. It also helps your body bounce back quicker after baby. Way to Glow is cooling and refreshing mist that plumps, moisturises and clarifies tired skin (oh yes girl these sleepless nights make your face tired). Pregnancy Boob Tube is rich in Omegas, it moisturises and soothes new mamas boobs (oh hello two/three sizes bigger boobs). And the last but not least Superstar in a Jar – formulated with Baobab oil, it nourishes, moisturises and protects dry and cracked skin. All products are with no nasties and suitable both during pregnancy and while you are breastfeeding. So whether you are a mum to be or a mum already this set is a must-have on your bathroom shelf.
One more must-have product is Mama Mio Sleep Easy Kit. It contains three amazing products. Sleep Easy Tummy Rub Cream has relaxing lavender and mint scent. It moisturises, pampers and protects from stretch marks. Sleep Easy Pillow Spray is full of essential oils that help you to relax, de-stress and calm. A a product of the perfect night sleep. Sleep Easy Bath and Shower Oil soothe your body, calm your mind and nourish skin. Perfect kit during pregnancy, post-pregnancy or when you need something to help you to relax. Perfect kit after busy fashion week.
Get the Products:
Mama Mio Bloomin Lovely Pamper Pack £50 (worth £86)
Mama Mio Sleep Easy Kit £45 (worth £57)

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