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How to Wear Tuxedo Dress







Bossy, chic, independent and sexy. How to achieve it? Tuxedo dress is the answer. Since late 60’s Tuxedo suit was no longer just for men, it was feminised and thanks to Yves Saint Lauren Tuxedo suit became a strong feminine piece of clothing. You can now get into your boyfriend’s wardrobe and transform that Tuxedo jacket into the dress. If you lack of ideas how and when to wear it, just check below.
How To Wear Tuxedo Dress?
– Whether you decide to go for a feminine tuxedo dress or borrow a tuxedo jacket from your boyfriend, make sure it fits you right. Don’t go for a too oversized look as it might look very unflattering.
– Choose heels for a killer look on a night out.
– Choose flat shoes for a daytime outfit or trainers to dress it down completely.
– If you feel that tuxedo dress is too daring for you, pair it with jeans.
– For an edgy look, pair mini tuxedo dress with leather trousers.
– If you want to go for a sexy look, reveal your cleavage with one opened button or show off your bralette.
– Be confident.
I paired Tuxedo dress with flat Gucci loafers. Just kidding. Actually these loafers are from Primark for less than £10. I just love pairing designer pieces with high street brands. And even with £10 worth shoes, you can pull off sexy, chic and bossy look.
Get the Look:
Tuxedo Dress £38
Tassel earrings £14
Black Loafers (sold out, similar) £35
Sunglasses (sold out, similar) £170
Gucci Bag £1210

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  1. Super cool tuxedo dress. Fabulous all black look and really elegant loafers!

    Paulo Paradox |

  2. Vaida says:

    Thank you, Paulo :)

  3. Melanie says:

    What a cool style! I love everything :-*

    Melanie /

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