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How to Wear a Tutu Skirt









When I think of tutu skirt, the first thing that comes to my mind is Carrie Bradshaw from Sex & the City. She styled tutu skirt so good that even after more than 10 years she is still tutu skirt icon. But we all know tutu skirt is not an easy one to style. There are some do’s and don’ts here. By keeping up with these rules you can dress it down or up and you will look amazing.
Wear fitted top as tutu skirt is full in size and you better tone down the top part.
Use different textures like denim, suede or leather to dress down or cashmere, silk to dress up.
Choose tulle instead of tutu. It will give you as big effect as tutu but won’t be too extreme.
Wear stilettos for a wow factor or choose ankle boots, converse for a rock chick look.
Accessorize. Use chunky statement necklace.
Pair it with sequin or lace. It might get too much.
Wear shoes with lace around your ankle. You are not ballerina.
Wear loose, oversize top. The skirt is full in volume, you don’t want to look over large.
Carry large bag. It just won’t fit with your outfit.
Wear leotard. Leave it to ballerinas.
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  1. Eni says:

    So romantic and lovely outfit Vaida!!! I’m in love with your beautiful skirt and your amazing bag!!! Have a nice day, kisses from Italy,

    Eniwhere Fashion
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    1. Vaida says:

      Thank you Eni xx

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