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How To Wear a Beret?






French accessory beret is back and it’s back in a big way. It’s become a must-have for any girl who is into fashion. You can spot this Parisian accessory on influencers, celebrities, and even royal family.
But back in 14th-century berets were worn by farmers and artists and for another few centuries berets were well known as artists accessory (you probably know Picasso). Later on, beret has been introduced to military and worn by famous Cuban revolutionary and military theorist Che Guevara. From 40’s it became an accessory of many French icons (Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve). Since then beret has made a comeback and was forgotten many times. And thanks to Dior it’s back in 2017 . So How to Wear a Beret?
– Slant your beret to the side like I did.
– Wear it fluffed up on your top of head
– Wear it low on your back of head
– Choose classic black wool beret
– For a bad girl look, choose leather beret
– Don’t forget colours, from classic statement red to bright yellow
– Pimp it up with floral embroidery, glitter, pearls, sequins.
If you wonder what to wear with the beret, it’s quite easy as it goes basically with anything. Well maybe just skip sportswear.
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