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How to Get Smooth and Silky Hair?









I am often asked how I keep my hair so smooth and silky. There are many factors and one of them is genes. My mother has strong, thick and smooth hair and luckily I’ve got it too. Every time I visit the hairdresser, they take ages to get done my hair and every few minutes repeat how thick is my hair lol. I am used to it now. But sadly after I gave a birth my hair structure changed completely. It started to frizz, lost shiness and overall condition of my hair became different. I tried quite a lot of products till I found that one. Well, two :) Have you ever heard of The Organic Pharmacy? No? Well, you will now. Thanks to (Lithuanian cosmetics and supplements shop), I had a chance to try those two products and I was really impressed. But let’s get back to the main reason you are reading this :). Few tips on “How to Get Smooth and Silky Hair?” below:
– Wash your hair every second or third day rather than every day.
– Let hair dry naturally, avoid hair dryer as much as you can.
– After washing your hair, let them dry a little and then put two drops of The Organic Pharmacy Hair Serum (This moisturising serum is made from jojoba and rose. It repairs, moisturises and leaves your hair smooth, silky and shiny).
– Use a comb instead of a brush.
– After you styled your hair, spray some Sweet Vanilla Dry Oil in the palm of your hand and gently go through your hair for a natural glossy effect. (This oil can also be used on face and body.)
– Use natural hair products (Check
– Trim regularly.
Get the Look:
The Organic Pharmacy Hair serum 27eur
The Organic Pharmacy Sweet Vanilla Dry Oil 45eur

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