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How To Become A Successful Blogger? Part I







Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of requests to share my story How I Became A Successful Blogger? It’s been a long way to where I am now and it’s still a long way to where I want to be.
Part I. My story.
Everything started several years ago. I was approached by women all the time when I was out and about and asked where I’ve got one or another piece of clothing. Even at restaurant women would turn at me and would ask where I’ve got these shoes or that dress or top. One day out in the city with my sister I was approached by three or four women within few hours and I shared this experience with my husband (he was my boyfriend at that time:)) and he suggested to create a blog where I could share all my outfit details. And with his help (thanks ever so much for being such a great boyfriend/fiance/husband), I created a blog. I had full-time job, so I wasn’t investing much time in it, just on weekends I would shoot outfit and share the details where I’ve got all the pieces from. At that time I didn’t know about Instagram, I think the whole big thing started much later. And looking back I wish I started Instagram straight after it launched, but you live and learn.
When I started the blog, I was doing outfit shoots for my own pleasure and giving information about clothing I wore to those who interested in my style. I didn’t expect that it will grow to my main job. First time I was sent some shampoos for free, I was over the moon. Omg, I’ve got something for free. I have never won any competition, I have never been given anything for free and there it was, someone emailed me offering free shampoos, oh yes, please. Slowly I started receiving more emails offering things for exposure. It was a slow process, I would get emails just occasionally but I was happy with what I was doing. And not because of free things, but because I loved sharing outfits with my readers, I felt great knowing someone read my blog and were inspired by what I wore. Everyone around me started to say oh look you got this dress and that blouse and those shoes, you actually don’t need to buy clothes anymore. But it wasn’t all about that, I wanted something more, I wanted to be an inspiration, to be someone that girls are proud of and of course to add up a little money to my family’s pot. Slowly my excitement about free things began to cool down, I wanted to grow bigger, to have more readers who enjoy my stories, so I slowly stopped taking free things in exchange for exposure. I just felt it was too much pressure. I had to do a photoshoot, write an article, meet deadlines, invest my free time in a full-time job just because of a dress which I most likely won’t even wear the second time. So I decided to choose who I work and how I work as at the end of the day I wanted that blogging would be my main job. I started buying things again, the ones I like and can genuinely share on my blog. After I had a baby I realised that coming back to full-time work isn’t possible financially so I decided that blogging will be my main job with no strict hours and in my own free time. And it was really hard and it is still hard with a baby on my side, but I’m trying my best and I couldn’t be happier. And now I regret that I didn’t leave my full-time job earlier. I could’ve done so much having all daytime for blogging. But it is how it is. After blogging began to slow down, I found Instagram again. At first, I started adding things slowly, occasionally and sometimes I would forget it for a week and then will upload something again. I was just too stubborn to move on another platform other than the blog. To be honest I took Instagram more seriously just very recently. And I think it’s absolutely amazing platform for bloggers. I started earning money from it very recently too. It was just fun adding up pictures and making my IG feed look good, but now it’s my main source of living. (To be continuing. In the next part, I will share more tips on how to become a successful blogger. Make sure to subscribe my Youtube channel here as I will be making a video as well :))
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  1. Eni Abeni says:

    Really good post and perfect outfit (as always).
    Have a nice day and don’t miss my latest post, now on my blog! Kisses from Italy,

    Eniwhere Fashion
    Pois mania

  2. Miglė says:

    Love your blog! You motivated me a lot ✨

    1. Vaida says:

      Thank you so much, Migle. x

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