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How to Be a Rock Chic?








Want to be cool, stylish and badass? Go for a rock chic look. No need for dramatic gothic make up or studs all over you, just couple essential pieces are more than enough. So how to be a real rock chic?
– Skinny pants are a must. You can go for a pair of tight black jeans (can be distressed or just regular), leather trousers or vinyl pants. I chose vinyl pants.
– Studded boots. Oh yeah girl, these are the cord of a rock chic look. It can be flat boots, stilettos or over the knee boots. You can choose them depending on the season. As long as it has some studs it’s a right way to go. Also, there are other choices of footwear, like Dr Martens boots or canvas sneakers.
– Edgy jewellery and accessories. Chunky bangles, leather bracelets, oversized rings, studded gloves.
– Oversized T-Shirt. You can go for a band Tshirt or slogan T-shirt.
– Leather jacket. It’s probably the most common thing when you think about rock look, but I decided to go for more romantic choice and incorporated pink faux fur coat.
– Signature Hat. If you decide to have a hat, choose biker hat, beanie or panama.
There is never one and only rule. You can always play with your outfit and incorporate different things. No one would think that pink fur coat will make a rock chic, but with right pants and boots, it’s a great rock chic look.
Get the Look:
Vinyl Leggings £25
Be Yourself T-Shirt £17.99
Studded Ankle Boots £30
Eyelet Gloves £25
Baker Boy Hat £16
Faux Fur Coat (sold out, similar) £75

3 thoughts on “How to Be a Rock Chic?”

  1. Zyrille says:

    Totally in love with this outfit! Great post. ❤️

  2. Melanie says:

    What a cool style! I love the pants and the jacket! :-*

    Melanie /

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