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How to Balance Being Mum and Working At Home








Most mums go back to work after spending some great time with their babies. But how to balance being mum and working at home? I’ve been blogging for a few years now, but with baby on board it became really challenging. So I set few rules to help me juggle between being a mum and blogging. It’s quite simple rules that would suit any working at home mum.
Plan. Plan your week or even month ahead. Write down all the projects that you have with deadlines, add any appointments related with work and baby. Include your partner on a shared calendar if he needs to be involved. Set reminders (I started to use them more often after my baby was born. They say pregnancy brain I say mum with a baby brain lol )
Find the best time to work. As a working mum at home you need to forget 9-5 working hours. Work around your own day schedule. Most of my work is done after my baby is asleep in the evening. Obviously as a fashion blogger I have to take outfit shots and it’s not possible to take them in the evening, but writing a blog it’s a perfect time. In terms of taking pictures I usually take my camera when I go for a walk with baby and husband/sister/friend. So while my baby is having a nap I take some shots. I mentioned before that it’s not always possible to do a smooth photoshoot with baby but I try my best.
Get help. Ask your relatives, friends, partner to help you out with baby and household work. In the meantime you can do your work or meet up with other brands, bloggers, visit press days.
Have your own time. Running around with baby is easy to forget yourself as a women. Have your own time at a hair salon or have a spa day at home. Go and see friends, other bloggers. I always have my own time on Saturdays. I fill the bathtub, light some candles, grab a magazine and lay in a bath for an hour or so.
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