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Gucci Flora Dress Dupe






It’s no surprise I love Gucci brand a lot, I owe Gucci handbag, Gucci belt and I’ve been eyeing this Gucci Flora Dress for a while. Although as much as I love various designer’s collections, I cannot afford to buy everything I want. And I think not many can. Especially when we are talking about clothing lines, I think fashion comes and goes and after couple years the dress worth nearly £3k will be just out of fashion, therefore I tend to buy only designer’s bags. But I spotted this gorgeous Gucci Floral dress and I couldn’t get it out of mind, so I started to look for similar dresses at high street shops and voila I found it. It’s so similar I couldn’t believe it, just the colour pallet is different and I actually prefer the one I’ve got. So yes my lovelies, if you like something very expensive, but you can’t afford it, just look for dupes. And in no way I would recommend to buy the fake items, it’s either something similar or nothing. Fake will never be the real piece and at the end of the day who will be the fool? Not others, but yourself!
Get the Look:
Gucci Floral Dress £2840
Gucci Floral Dress Dupe £45
Red Ankle Boots (sold out, similar) £35
ZARA Gold Earrings (sold out, similar) £6

2 thoughts on “Gucci Flora Dress Dupe”

  1. Florentina says:

    Wonderful style! I love the colors, textures and shapes. You have a great fashion sense.

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