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Denim Trends This Season








Denim trends this season are full of variety. Boring blue jeans era has finished, try something entirely new as this season we are spoiled for choice when choosing denim.
Hem department. Bohemian style inspired frilled, fringed, tulle or raw hems are totally rocking denim world. Try one or all of them.
Good old patches. Do you remember these good old school days when patches were a big thing? Thanks to Gucci, it’s back in a big way. You can buy ready patched denim or try DYI.
Embroidery. Oh yes it’s been all over from leather jackets to denim. And there is no better time when spring blooming with flowers, wear denim with floral embroidery.
Ripped jeans. They have never been out of fashion so it’s still rocking denim world. But this season trend has something new – fishnet tights underneath. It’s been viral trend between bloggers and I am no exception.
Get the Look:
Topshop Rip Boyfriend Jeans £46
Topshop Godet Funnel Shirt £60
JOLENE Toe Cap Block Heels £39
Supersize Fishnet Tights £6

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  1. WOW! Absolutely gorgeous. Love this white shirt with modern shape mixed with subtle pale accessories. Greetings from Scotland <3

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