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As you already know I am a mum to nearly 3 months old son (omg three months already?!). I have to say blogging with baby is not easy and I am sure with time it might be even harder. So far it’s been quite challenging to joggle motherhood and blogging. At first my baby was sleeping quite a lot through the day so I could do bits and pieces. But nights were a different story. I tried to do some shots and write blogs during my son’s nap times and I didn’t catch up on my sleepless nights. That was my mistake and I am still doing it. My son is now nearly three months, he sleeps less during day but thanks god more at nights. I still try to do my work during day but I feel that tirednes is getting me bit by bit. So I am sorry guys that my blogging might slow down now and again. As time will pass, his naps will be shorter, then he will start to crawl, walk and all these little things will take more and more of my time. Even now he is a cheeky monkey and doesn’t like to stay on his own, I always need to entertain him when he is awake.
I try to do some shoots when he is asleep in a pushchair. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. This time he didn’t sleep all the way through my photoshoot so I gave him a cuddle in between. Wasn’t very happy as it was too hot for him. Poor thing got a rush from the sun that day. Do you have some advise how to help baby to handle hot days? As it seems that he doesn’t like heat at all. And it’s such a shame as me and my husband are loving sun. And because of this little monkey we can’t plan any sunny holidays, well at least for the time being.
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4 thoughts on “Blogging with Baby”

  1. Absolutely adorable baby! I also love your white pants. Simply perfect for the summer!

    1. Vaida says:

      Thank you Paulo x

  2. Silvija says:

    Cuties Love your outfit!

    1. Vaida says:

      Thank you Silvija x

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