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Blogging Ups and Downs






I want to tell you everything that’s in my heart today. I had many ups and downs since I’ve started blogging and I still do. And it’s heartbreaking to see my readers, followers, supporters (let me know what is the best word for you) leaving and not because of numbers but because I feel like I disappointed you in one or another way. I would love to know what you like and what you don’t like, what is the reason you left or you want to leave. I would love to know your feedback even if it’s a bad one.
I know that there shouldn’t be any excuses, but I just feel that It’s really hard to juggle between motherhood and business especially having such an active child. I always thought that baby can’t stop me moving forward that I can still do everything and anything, but it seems that reality is different. I have an extremely active child with very strong character and he requires my all attention and there is very little time left for my work dreams. I sometimes cry (yes, you heard me right I cry, it seems that everything is falling out of my hands, I love my baby so much, there are even no words to describe, but sometimes I feel that I can’t reach my goals as easy and as quick as I would like, because I am giving my all time to baby). And I know that there are a lot of mums doing just great, but hey every child is different and don’t even dare to say it’s easy just because you have a quiet baby who can stay still for an hour as mine can’t even for a minute. I am thankful for my husband who helps me a lot, but I still need more time to reach my work dreams. And I want to say sorry to all of you, that I am often not consistent, that I almost forgot the actual blogging (I blame IG for this too :)) and for anything that I did wrong.
And if you think that I’m still doing great, I am more than happy to hear that. You just can’t imagine what it means to work towards my goals, towards my dreams to become who I want to become; to make you happy, make you want to come back to read my blog, to check my Instagram, to have you as my support. You are the reason why I am doing this. And with your support I am getting stronger and creating future plans. I want to inspire and help those who are in the same boat. Together we can do more and do better.
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6 thoughts on “Blogging Ups and Downs”

  1. Lulu says:

    Stunning outfit and photography!! Great post- I would really appreciate if you headed over to my blog. Xxxx
    Lulu |

    1. Vaida says:

      Thank you, Lulu x

  2. Inga says:

    I think you are an amazing blogger and I always like to follow your posts. You an inspiring woman, sharing all these beautiful tips, so I wish you to be strong and powerful woman as you are and I truly believe that your dreams will come true. :)

    1. Vaida says:

      Thank you, Inga, so much. Your support means a lot to me. And you are an inspiration to me, always full of positivity, love you xx

  3. Gytis says:

    I will always support you! We will always support you!

    1. Vaida says:

      Thank you so much xx

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