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Black Flared Trousers by Miss Sixty










Flared trousers, strappy dresses, bomber jackets, yes the 90’s trend is back and it’s back in a big way. Black flared trousers and bomber jacket were on my 90’s trend wishlist. I am now down to one as I’ve got super cool Miss Sixty Flared Trousers. Wearing them I get back to my teenager years. I remember I had an extra wide jeans and I was wearing them all the time. The jeans were so long and so wide that it swept everything on my way but I was so happy wearing them as I was  the first one on the block.
Oh and Miss Sixty is a well known brand from my teenager years. My aunt who lived in London used to send some really nice pieces from Miss Sixty, then my sister moved to London and Miss Sixty became her favourite brand and now I joined Miss Sixty fan group.
Get the Look:
Miss Sixty Flared Trousers £100
Miss Sixty Byram T-Shirt £70
Miss Sixty Harding Pumps £125
Miss Sixty Backpack £115, now £57.50

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