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Berlin in Three Days

Alexander Tower Night
Brandeburg gateBerlin Panorama
Berlin wall Kiss
Reichstag night flag
Alexander Tower Panorama
Deutsche bahn
S bahn

checkpoint charlie

Opera House Berlin

Hi all. Today I have Berlin on my travel list. Berlin in three days.

I wasn’t planning holiday at the time, but just had a chance to visit Berlin for a few days and I grabbed the chance.

Even I didn’t have much time but It was enough to visit the main objects and places of interest. Brandenburg gate, Checkpoint Charlie, Alexander platz, Reichstag and of course the famous Berlin wall. It was a great experience, especially historically.

The thing that surprised me about Berlin was the city people. I was quite shocked that the main shopping street barely had any people on Sunday. When you think about London, it’s sooo crowded. Though it’s quite pleasant not to squeeze through the crowd, but it was too quiet for me.

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