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White Women Suit vs Navy Suit

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The White suit is the best thing you can wear in the office and after office hours in summer time. I hear you saying that it needs dry cleaning more often than anything else and I agree with you but it's worth it. White suit is a ticket to the top of elegance. So how and where do you wear...

Best Face Sun Creams SPF 50

Ultrasun-SPF50-Anti-Ageing-Ultra-Sensitive-Facial-Sun-Cream Shiseido-Urban-Environment-UV-Protection-Cream-Plus-SPF50

Holiday season is officially here. It's time for sun creams. I am not too fussy about the whole body but high SPF sun cream on my face is a must. You don't want to have early wrinkles on your face do you? Well in that case choose a proper sun cream with SPF 50.Dermalogica Pure Light SPF50Dermalogica Solar Defence...

What to Wear in Provence?

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Provence was on my must visit list for a while and when my 30th birthday was breathing down my back I thought that's it that is the time. I fell in love with Provence at first sight. All these little unique cities and villages with friendly people and super delicious patisserie. What's not to love? But just before my trip I...