Fashion Addicted by Vaida

Choker Blouse

choker-blouse-white Boohoo-Cut-Out-Choker-Blouse

I mentioned my love for choker neck a couple weeks ago. And I got a new addition to my choker bodysuit and choker necklace. Choker blouse in white. A bit daring for me but it's ok to try new things. Is in't? It's been a while now that choker tops pushed away lace up tops. And no wonder why. Pairing...

Lavish Alice by Brand Attic


My obsession with belted trousers is progressing. When I saw these Lavish Alice Belt Trousers on Brand Attic my reaction was "Oh my God I need them right now". Within the last few weeks I got like four pairs of trousers but I still needed these ones. Well it's no surprise as I love Lavish Alice designs. And that's why...

Oversized Cuffs Shirt

oversized-cuffs-shirt-wide-sleeves-shirt-leather-nude-skirt-1 oversized-cuffs-shirt-wide-sleeves-shirt-fashion-blogger-london

Oversized Cuffs Shirt's Trend is going around all fashion bloggers. The huge sleeve shirt is a statement itself so you don't need much to invest in the rest of your outfit. It looks super cool with knits on top but you can go for a relaxed loose look as well. I had so many ideas how to wear this shirt...