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Fashion Addicted by Vaida

Trip to Scotland: Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness

Edinburgh Cathedral
Edinburgh England Pub
galsgow mainstreet
galsgow at night

Hello all. Wish you all a very happy and a prosperous New Year! Welcome to 2014!
I chose to celebrate this New Year’s Eve in Scotland. As I mentioned before, I am not just fashion addicted, but addicted to traveling as well.
My actual plan was to celebrate New Year’s Eve surrounded by snow. But plan doesn’t always turn out the way you want.
But even we had a lot of rain, we enjoyed every minute in Scotland.
We visited Glasgow. An old city, with amazing architecture. City of past, present and future.
Edinburgh is a city with lot’s of history, castles and whiskey. We had a chance to try a proper malt whiskey. It was served by little pub’s owner. He sat with as and explained what is the real whiskey. I felt in love with the people in Scotland.
We were traveling to the north of Scotland, towards the town of Inverness. Along the way, we enjoyed the views of mountains, lakes, castles and little towns.
Scotland is such a beautiful country, that we decided to come back in spring to explore more.

2 thoughts on “Trip to Scotland: Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness”

  1. Agne says:

    My hubby was born in Inverness! :) Scotland is great and people are so friendly, they say “hello” when you are out for a walk even if they have never met you before and probably will never see you again. I miss it a lot.

  2. Vaida says:

    Oh yes, people are super friendly in Scotland.
    It’s a beautiful country with beautiful people :)

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