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Nikon D3200 & Photography Miracle

Hello everybody. I have to confess I am not just fashionaddicted but addicted to photography as well.

Me and my fiancé bought a Nikon camera not so long ago and we are just crazy about it. To tell the truth before I had it, I was quite sceptical. I thought my iPhone does the job just fine.

But since we got Nikon D3200 I don’t think that way any more.

I read quite few reviews before we bought the camera and I found that Nikon is quite good option for the starters. Not too expensive and has quite good features.

I think that our visit to John Lewis pushed me to buy it. The Nikon guy was brilliant. He told us everything about the camera and photography. He recommended the best books to buy and showed us what can we really do with a camera. And both me and my fiancé were amazed. Can’t quite remember his name now, but big thanks to him.

And omg you can do sooooo many things with this camera. I was excited like a child when I was taking shots. I never knew how photographers get the perfect night cityscape pictures or how do they do the light painting in the pictures or.. But now I do.

Though still lots to learn.

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