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Christmas Shopping in London Oxford Street


Hello all. Haven’t been for a shopping for ages.

Nowadays online shopping nearly replaced the real one, when you go to the shops, push through the crowd, wait in a queue. But to be honest online shopping can’t replace the joy when you have a little coffee break with your bestie. Or the joy carrying all shopping bags and trying everything on at home. So I thought Christmas shopping would be just perfect time to go for a shopping. Real store shopping.

It was lovely! All these sparkling decorations in the streets and shopping centres. Just wow. Like always the biggest shopping centres put the huge effort. Debenhams, John Lewis and of course Selfridges. I took some shots of Selfridges decorations, as well as Oxford Street. And once again I am proud of my Nikon D3200.

All in all for me, Fashion Addicted girl and online shopping fan, it was a great experience after a long time.

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