Fashion Addicted by Vaida

Chi Chi Floral Dress

chi-chi-london-dress-5 chi-chi-london-dress-4

Need some ideas for occasion, prom, night out? Think no more and have a look at Chi Chi London dresses. They have the most gorgeous dresses I've ever seen. And it's not just me who thinks so. I ran into the girl at the shop and she just lost her breath because of my Chi Chi Floral Dress. She said...

Fun in the Sun in White M&S Skirt

marks-and-spencer-white-skirt marks-and-spencer-white-skirt

When sun comes out girls just wanna have fun :) We all know British weather and that the sun is rarely out, so every time it's in the sky I just want to be out and about. Just enjoy every bit of it. And when it's bright outside I want to be bright too. Get into your wardrobe, hide all...

Mango Sleeveless Dress

mango-sleeveless-dress mango-sleeveless-dress

Packing your holiday suitcase? Think twice and travel light. Few months ago I was traveling in Thailand and it was so hard to decide what to take with me. And I was so happy to grab just few things rather than half of my wardrobe. It's so much easier to travel light when you don't need to carry hundreds of...